Medical/Cosmetic Laser/IPL 'Core of Knowledge' Safety Courses, Birmingham
Course Venue: Birmingham Marriott Hotel, 12 Hagley Road, Five Ways, Birmingham, B16 8SJ

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Laser/IPL Core of Knowledge Courses (Medical and Cosmetic Laser Safety Management)

LASERSAFE - Optical Radiation Safety Consultancy and Training
101 Higgins Lane, Birmingham B32 1LH, Telephone 0121 242 7268

Laser IPL Safety - Core of Knowledge Training Course London Birmingham

Laser Protection Adviser Advisor Core of Knowledge course laser Lazer IPL HIW CQC EMP AORD NHS LSO LPS RRPPS QEH UHB UK BMLA NPL HPA NRPB AURPO SRP RPA 2000 IPEM COARWR expert medical practitioner local authority tattoo hair removal cosmetic, accredited, approved, Queen Elizabeth Hospital University research medical communications registration Healthcare Inspectorate Wales London laser safety training courses Birmingham certified certificated council LPA Artificial Optical Radiation Regulations 2010 Care Quality Commission salon clinic Scotland England Ireland